Glogster and Vokie Project

Today we did a project about how to use reflexive verbs correctly. We created a Glogster page and embedded a Voki into.

I really like this way more than a written test because i don’t have to sit there and stare at a sheet of paper and think up of all of the correct answers at one time. It gave me time and i can use my imagination with it.

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Nelly Cruz

Today we are doing this assignment to learn how to communicate in Spanish. When describing someone in Spanish, you have to learn to use “ser.” Your adjectives come after your nouns most of the time and they most match in number and gender.

Nelly Cruz es un jugador de béisbol para Rangers. Nelly tiene que trienta y uno anos.  Él es Montercristy y Dominican. Él es 6′ 2″ y 240 libros. También él es guapo. Él es trabajador y atlético.  Él es ni antipático ni grosero. Nelly Cruz es Sra. Hugghins jugador de béisbol favorito.



Ashley Harris

Ashey es de White Oak, Texas. Ella tiene quince años. Ella es una estudiante a White Oak High School. Ashley tiene pelo castño. Ella es 5′ 5”. Ashley es amable y hermosa. Ella es ni callada ni gorda.


                                                                                                                            Photo courtesy of Holly Dickson

Voki Project

The first steps of the voki project was to write down your statement about your self  in Spanish. The second was to go to your profile and click on the phone button add your own voice. Then it gave you a number and a pass code to use on your phone to speak your statement. After you were satisfied with what you said you ended your call, and saved it to your profile on your voki account.

I really did like this project. It helped me by having to write down what had to say in spanish, and then having to repeat it over the phone. I also liked how easy and quick it was. I didn’t have to sit and think about what i had to do.

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